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Who does not desire to have a beautiful and impressive smile and bright teeth? Beautiful teeth, a confident smile make a great first impression. Your mouth, teeth and smile are the first things people notice about you. Having a pleasant smile takes a person one step ahead in daily and business life. Today, it has become possible to have a beautiful smile, which makes the person stand out in a communicative sense as well as his appearance, with a smile design. In recent years, Hollywood stars have started to attract attention with their extraordinarily beautiful and impressive smiles, and as a result, the term “Hollywood Smile” has emerged.

Some dental problems such as deformities, bruises, abrasions, color changes and position and symmetry disorders in the jaw affect the facial appearance and cause aesthetic problems. For this, dentists can eliminate aesthetic problems by performing various applications. In recent years, individuals have started to apply to dentists not only for oral and dental health but also for aesthetic reasons. A significant number of applicants for aesthetic reasons want to have a smile design called “Hollywood Smile”.

With the aesthetic smile designs obtained as a result of the blending of medicine and art and the combination of experience, everyone can now have the smile of their dreams. Those who are not satisfied with the appearance and smile of their teeth and who do not feel good while smiling can now have the image they want with the developing technology and aesthetic dentistry applications.

What is smile design?

Smile design; It is the process of removing the problems related to teeth, gums and lips that are not aesthetically satisfied with their smile or whose appearance has deteriorated for various reasons, and bringing them into a natural and beautiful shape suitable for the needs of individuals. Smile design is planned completely individually with a multidisciplinary approach. In order to achieve a beautiful smile, not only white teeth, but also the correct shape, healthy position and proportion of the teeth, and a comfortable and correct closure are required. The primary goal in smile design is to functionally improve and develop your teeth.

What is Hollywood Smile?

“Hollywood Smile” is an English term and is translated into Turkish as “Hollywood Smile”. The Hollywood Smile is a type of aesthetic smile design that has been trending all over the world in recent years. Hollywood stars with a perfect, confident smile have always attracted attention. Everyone can now have this natural smile design that they have.

Perfect and attractive looking teeth with an extremely natural whiteness are indispensable for Hollywood Smile. In addition, skin color, gingival position, color and size of the anterior teeth and the position of the upper teeth in harmony with the lower lip are important factors. There are 4 main rules for a Hollywood smile:

  1. The upper anterior teeth should be straight and free of any visible fillings. The 2 incisors in the upper middle should be more prominent and prominent. During the smile, the upper teeth, including the first molar, should be visible. The lower incisors are also required to appear.
  2. Appearance of the upper gingiva up to 2 mm
  3. Opening symmetrically from the smile path
  4. Lip width is at least half the width of the face

What can be done for an aesthetic smile?

1) Porcelain laminate application:
For this procedure, the suitability of your teeth is checked first. Crowding in the teeth, front of the lower jaw, closure of the lower and upper jaws and the problem of clenching teeth mean that you are not suitable for laminate porcelain. For patients with such problems, it is recommended to perform orthodontic treatment with methods such as braces or clear plaque for the problem of crowding in the teeth. For closure problems in the chin, chin surgery may be necessary first. After the teeth clenching problem is also treated, porcelain lamina can be applied. For this process, leaf porcelains prepared by making a slight abrasion on the front surface of the teeth or without any abrasion are adhered to these areas. If the shape and arrangement of the teeth are suitable, only the whitening process called bleaching is performed. Thus, the aesthetic intervention applied to the teeth is completed.

2) Zirconium porcelain application:
In people with missing, broken or large fillings in their front teeth, it may be necessary to veneer with zirconium porcelain instead of porcelain lamina application. With zirconium porcelain, you can have very natural and white aesthetic teeth.

3) Gum aesthetics:
Healthy and pink gums are indispensable factors for an aesthetic and beautiful smile. For this, gum diseases are treated first. If there is gingival recession, it is treated with surgery. If the gums appear more than they should during smiling, they can be corrected by cutting a little. With the technique called Erbium laser, the gums can be retracted as much as desired without the need for surgery in people whose gums look excessive when they smile a lot.

4) Teeth whitening:
If you only have color problems on your teeth, you may not need any veneer. In this case, only the teeth whitening process called bleaching is performed. This process can be done in a short time like 60 minutes in a single session.

5) Dental implants:
Dental Implants are screw-shaped artificial tooth roots made of titanium that are placed in the jawbone. The gaps in the teeth are filled by placing crowns, bridges or movable prostheses on these implants.

Slight extension of the two cutting teeth, which are located at the top of the front teeth during veneer application, will give the person a young and dynamic image. In addition to dental procedures, some minor interventions can be performed on the lips or around the mouth by an expert plastic surgeon in the area, if necessary. For example, if your lips are very thin, or your smile lines are deep, these problems can be solved simply with filler injections.

As a result of all these processes, an ideal and aesthetic appearance is achieved on your teeth. In this way, the appearance of your lips, your smile and, consequently, your whole face will change and you will get a brand new image. However, it should not be taken for granted that all of these processes require a professional and multidisciplinary approach, and should be practiced by expert health professionals in the field.

How long does the Hollywood Smile process take?

For Hollywood Smile, gum disease is treated first. Missing teeth are complemented by implants. Laminate porcelain processing takes 5-10 days, depending on the number of teeth to be coated, and coating with zirconium porcelain takes 7-14 days. In other words, it is not possible to give a definite term to have a Hollywood Smile

How should dental care be after Hollywood Smile?

  • Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day, as in normal dental care
  • The use of dental floss for dental care should not be neglected
  • You should go to the dentist at 6-month intervals
  • Because laminate porcelain veneers are more fragile than tooth texture, hard foods and habits such as nail biting and pen biting should be avoided to prevent them from breaking.

How long does the Hollywood Smile design last?

The lifespan of the laminate or zirconium porcelain used in veneering is about 10 years, provided that the teeth are brushed regularly and the pore is applied to the porcelain veneers. At the end of this period, they need to be replaced with new ones.

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