Gum Diseases

What is Gum Treatment?

Periodontology is a branch of science that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases. Diseases that affect gingival and bone tissue and thus cause infection are defined as periodontal diseases. Early diagnosis of periodontal diseases plays an important role in the easy and successful treatment of oral and dental health problems before they progress.

Healthy gums are light pink in color, dull and tense in appearance. Bleeding in such gums almost never occurs. Gingival bleeding is the biggest harbinger of gingival disorders. Even if there is no other problem in the teeth, many tooth loss may occur due to gum disease.

What are Gum Disorders?

Gum diseases that require gingival treatment manifest themselves gradually. Gum diseases, which are seen as an early stage, are known as gingivitis, also known as gingivitis, in the simplest way. When these so-called gingivitis are not intervened, the tissues connecting the teeth to the jaw are damaged and the inflammation reaches an advanced level. These progressive gingivitis are called periodontitis. Periodontitis is a serious gum problem and needs to be treated quickly. Gingival problems are usually seen as disorders that are noticed in the late period.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Discomfort?

Symptoms of gum disease are usually swelling, redness, tenderness and bleeding. In gingival disorders, there is usually bleeding when the person brushes their teeth. Red and swollen gums are one of the most obvious signs of gum disease. Healthy gums are pink in color, but the gums of a person with gum disease appear abnormally red. Another symptom is bad breath. Bacteria formed on the gums irritating the gums over time and cause a bad odor in the mouth. Shrinking gums are also considered as one of the symptoms of gum disease. Longer appearance of the teeth compared to the past can be a sign of gingival recession.

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