Our Vision and Mission

Lean Tooth

Our Vision

Within the framework of ethical values and quality standards; To be the leading Practice Center in Oral and Dental Health at the national and international level, which prioritizes preventive and curative dentistry services, where diagnosis and treatment services are carried out with advanced technology, and which focuses on the high level of satisfaction of all our employees and patients.

Our Mission

To be a center that provides high quality and correct treatment services to its patients who want to receive services in our country and internationally in Oral and Dental Health services and keeps its technical devices, medical materials, information and education standards high for this effort.

Our Purpose and Goals

* To be a leading center in the efficiency of treatment services

* To provide timely, reliable and traceable diagnosis and treatment services with trained and expert personnel within the framework of Health Service Quality Standards, and to ensure patient and employee satisfaction.

Our Values

* We are focused on patient and employee satisfaction.

* We apply patient care and treatment in accordance with quality standards.

* Being transparent and reliable is our social responsibility.

* We follow and apply new methods and approaches in scientific, technological developments, education, research and application.

* With the awareness of social responsibility, we undertake responsibilities to increase the quality of life of the society in the field of oral and dental health.

* Patient safety is our priority.

* We are based on ethical values.


Private Göktürk Yalın Oral and Dental Health Center, with its 4 founding partner dentists, Identity Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. started its activities in December 2020.

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